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12-0-12 Volt 2 amp Transformer for Home Theater & Amplifier and Tower Speaker Electronic Components Electronic Hobby Kit Power Supply Electronic Hobby Kit

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It is a general purpose chassis mounting mains transformer. Transformer has 240 V primary windings and centre tapped secondary winding. The transformer has flying colored insulated connecting leads ( Approx 100 mm long ). The Transformer act as step down transformer reducing AC - 240V to AC - 12V.

The Transformer gives two outputs of 24V, 12V and 0V. The Transformer's construction is written below with details of Solid Core and Winding.

The transformer is a static electrical device that transfers energy by inductive coupling between its winding circuits. A varying current in the primary winding creates a varying magnetic flux in the transformer's core and thus a varying magnetic flux through the secondary winding. This varying magnetic flux induces a varying electromotive force (E.M.F) or voltage in the secondary winding. The transformer has cores made of high permeability silicon steel. The steel has a permeability many times that of free space and the core thus serves to greatly reduce the magnetizing current and confine the flux to a path which closely couples the windings.

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality 12v transformer
  • Input - 220V/240V AC, Output - 12- 0-12V AC AMPERE :- 1500 mA
  • Step-down Center tapped Transformer
  • Transformer has 240V primary winding and center tapped secondary winding
  • Used for making power electronic devices, inverter projects, home theater setup etc.

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